Special prices due to upcoming changes in the product line !

We will change our product range by the 1st of october 2019. For that reason we offer discounts of up to 25% on the entire Home Audio product range. All offers are available while stocks last.
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Analog cables

The clearer the sound that reaches the ear, the more it moves us. Our goal is to create a sound conductor so perfect that one cannot hear it even exists. Nothing shall be added and nothing shall be lost.
  • RCA interconnect cable
  • XLR interconnect cable
  • Phono cable
  • Speaker cable
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Digital cables

We have to admit it, we do feel an intellectual discomfort at the fact that digital cables cause audible differences but we can't deny what we can hear. That’s reason enough to offer optimal sound conductors also for this application.
  • S/P-DIF cable
  • AES/EBU cable
  • USB cable
  • LAN cable
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Power supply

Often it is the power supply that transforms a good audio chain into a peak unit.
  • 230 V power cord
  • power strip
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Wiring concepts for OEM's

For producers of audio components we provide a special assortment of conductors for internal wiring. This allows the fabrication of VOVOX® purum equipment: perfect wiring that is indeed not visible, but audible.
  • conductors for internal wiring
  • custom made special cables

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